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A Happy Work Culture


33% - We spend about a third of our lives at work! Let that sink in.

It’s no longer a secret. Having a positive work culture directly influences employees in a positive way. Happy employees are much more likely to give it their best at work (think productivity). When employees wake up motivated and excited, as opposed to dreading going into the office and “working toward the weekend”, the results are going to reflect it.

An average employee spends a third of their life at a workplace; imagine how influential that workplace becomes to the individual. Hours upon hours are spent meeting deadlines and expectations of the company. If that influence is positive, the outcome of the work is much more likely to be positive. Instead of simply getting the work done, if an employee is truly vested in the company and feels both value toward and valued by that company, then their work will reflect these attitudes. 

Naturally, when an employee is satisfied with their work and workplace, their overall performance, attitude, and interest will be elevated.

According to a study by the Social Market Foundation, Happiness and Productivity, happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees!


Shawn Achor, psychologist and CEO of Good Think Inc, nails this concept in his TED Talk, “The Happy Secret to Better Work”. He, along with several other studies, consistently reach one conclusion -happiness inspires us to be more productive.

Woices gets this concept as well. The WoicesApp was designed to foster a positive and healthy work culture. Moreover, it tackles the problem of turning around toxic work environments completely. By allowing employees to be engaged (and encouraging this engagement) the WoicesApp puts into a place a system for employees through all levels of an organization to become engaged.

The app gives management an easy way to check in on the team to see how everyone is doing. Soliciting genuine feedback in an unobtrusive way not only gives employees a sense of belonging and contributing, but helps squash potentially minor issues before they become unnecessarily large problems.

Opening up this pathway of communication can also call out bad players within a team. It only takes one negative teammate to crush an otherwise healthy work atmosphere, especially if the bad apple has overstepped the line into harassment or bullying. A positive work culture cannot exist until everyone on the team feels safe, appreciated and respected. The WoicesApp facilitates this fully, by providing immediate and discreet communication to management at any time.

The absence of an encouraging workplace impacts not only productivity, but often an employee’s personal lives. This can inevitably lead to disengagement, the opposite of what successful companies are going for. Instead, when someone feels loyalty and dedication towards an organization they begin to adopt a true sense of ownership in the company. This allows for a company’s top talents to be retained while also attracting the best potential new talent.

No one wants to be a part of a work culture where they feel disrespected, under-valued or unheard. Being treated as a team member in an encouraging environment helps keep employees. Companies with positive work cultures consistently have higher employee retention rates. This, of course, makes perfect sense. Happy employees have very little reason to leave, while unhappy employees have every reason to look for a new job.

Attracting new talent to an organization then becomes second nature to a company that already has this preexisting positive work culture. Companies such as Google and Netflix exemplify this attraction with an unprecedented positive/cool/rewarding work vibe. Think of the workforce as a pool of various talent – what edge does your company have to attract the BEST talent out there?   

Job satisfaction has to be at the forefront to keep the best people at the table. By giving individuals the WoiesApp, they are given a voice within the company. Ideas, creativity, concerns, innovation and kudos become engrained in a teamwork atmosphere. Everyone becomes involved because everyone is given the opportunity to be involved. We’ve all been a part of team that “clicks”. The energy is contagious. Building this team mentality is at the heart of the WoicesApp.  

What do the numbers say, however? Sure a positive workplace has conceptual benefits, but does it have real world economic impacts to an organization? Absolutely.

Just by nurturing a healthy work environment, a company can increase productivity by 20%. This could be tremendous for any organization.

If you’re ready to make your workplace a healthy one, or keep it that way, check out or email for more details. One smartly designed app could create a truly Happy Work Culture. 


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